Body shame

How do you deal with body shame.

Be yourself no matter how you look stop trying to impress everybody by not being yourself

Body shame is one of the things that really hurts people in this life it can stop you from achieving what you want in life because you are afraid of what people will think or say about you how do you deal with it well people around you you’re talking about your body how you look how you are being a part of discussion wherever you are around people how do you manage to convince yourself that you are better and no matter how you look you can make.

Stop being afraid of who you are and embrace life the way you are.

Body shame is something that is something everyone everywhere people go through challenges because of how different you look because of that pollution can make you lose opportunity. How do you relate deal with this kind of stuff?

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9 thoughts on “Body shame

  1. one day, without any warning, i woke up and i was perfectly comfortable in my skin. I didn’t care if I was pretty, if my hair stood straight up because it wanted to, if I wasn’t as skinny as the person next to me. I just didn’t care. I am the way I am, and I could bust my butt to look more like so-and-so, but then I wouldn’t be eating pizza as i write this. I’m not a rabbit. there’s no reason i should limit my diet to only foods rabbits would eat. Food makes me happy, as long as i take care not to become a lazy person who never moves around, and my doctor tells me i’m healthy, I don’t care if someone thinks I should be a size 2. Thank you for your opinion, but I want to buy a pair of pants not a leg warmer. I am who I am. If you find it attractive, then cool. If you don’t, cool. I find myself to be comfortable and happy. sometimes I would like to be thinner, but that’s usually only because of something silly – like I can’t find the pants that fit properly and i don’t feel like looking. But if I really wanted to be thinner, I know how to do it. I am happy the way I am. And I found that the best weight loss program you can be on is to be happy. Truly happy. Cuts out the emotional eating naturally, and you eat because you WANT to, not because you’re miserable.

    Be you. Be strong. Be healthy, BE HAPPY. And If Oreos make you happy, then BE HAPPY!

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  2. Thank you very much for your opinion I too sometimes face such kind of problems especially on social media cause of wait but I don’t mind what we were thinking because I do love myself as long as I feel comfortable about myself I don’t think there’s anything that can bother me and you are right the best weight-loss program is to be happy and love yourself and start ignoring every day bad comments just look yourself in the mirror and qsay you are perfect you won’t worry about anything else thank you my marlapaige


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