Special thought.


my special thought is based on proverbs 22 verse 6 which says train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it. the world as we know it today is full of families that are facing social strife and tension children want to have their way and parents are better the children are disobedient. The station is the same whether you talk of Christian families or those non-believers. the question one may ask is where is the problem question mark as a young person your attention is constantly drowned to the teacher in exodus 20 verse 12 Horner your father and mother you are taught about Isaac and how he obeyed his father Abraham to the point of accepting to be sacrificed to the lord genesis 22 there are many examples in the Bible of perfect obedience to parents. of course we also learn from the Bible of cases where young people are not so good. That behaviour of Cain and his rebellious attitude the attitude of Joseph’s brother that led them to give away their brother to slavery the stubbornness of Samsung that eventually led him to his death and careless lifestyle of the prodigal son these are example in the Bible where young people have behave so well. Where is it important for children to obey where as it is important for children to obey their parents what Christian parent must know is that the common in proverbs about training a child is an application each parent must address himself or herself to. Children need guardians on continuous basis. They need protection they need love and cancel failure to provide this means that they will fall prey to the teachings of the world. The Bible teaches us about the class that will fall the house of early in 1st SEM to because of his failure to provide guidance to his children they scare school before as today if we do not teach our children in a proper way.

in conclusion I want to stress apparent that the children you have do not need TVs the beautiful cars the wonderful houses all the holidays you take them too they need you to provide love and cancel all the time. You must avoid overworking in the office you must spare time to be with your children to give them direction. For children I can only say that you must hold your parents interest and avoid bad company at all times. Do not have rebellious attitude. That way their homes in which will leave will be a wonderful place to live in and we will have a little heaven here on earth.

May God bless you.

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