Studying Afrikaans Changes My/Our Definition of Dutch

Written by Dyami Millarson Afrikaans does not exist in a linguistic vacuum, but it exists within a linguistic context. Namely, Afrikaans, which is mutually intelligible with Dutch to a high extent, is a Dutch-related independent language. One might as well say that Afrikaans is an independent Dutch language, implying that Dutch is not a singleContinue reading “Studying Afrikaans Changes My/Our Definition of Dutch”

Yannick and the Golden Apple

Originally posted on Bonjour From Brittany: In the folklore of Brittany, fairies are rarely benevolent and when they are, it is usually under the tightest of conditions; the smallest infraction being punished severely. Perhaps aligned to their status as a cursed race, they are immensely powerful but fiercely proud and will not stand to be…Continue reading “Yannick and the Golden Apple”

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