My husband and my unhappy marriage

My husband was living and happy marriage the worst part was as his wife I was unaware until one late night. “IAM unhappy and feel that you don’t love me.”. IAM filing for a divorce.” I love you but I don’t like you.” These are the types of phrases I heard from my husband overContinue reading “My husband and my unhappy marriage”

Have the courage to Begin again

many people make the mistake of repeating the loser story within their mind they sell themselves short by repeating to themselves that they are their past mistakes failures disappointment and grades and to top it off they are easily swayed by the opinions of others who tell them what they can or can’t accomplish andContinue reading “Have the courage to Begin again”

Sometimes try not to care about everything

You know that problems are what make people unhappy and unable to live a life of your dreams.its the problem that makes us do some huge and dangerous things that may cause us our future.if we try to avoid problems and assume that everything is fine around us especially in people surrounding us.os not easyContinue reading “Sometimes try not to care about everything”

Have the courage to begin again

There is an epidemic among the masses who are asleep, they have become fooled into getting in line with the sheep. If you are going to work just to make money and pay bills then you have become a slave to the system. What ashame it is that most people are unaware that they areContinue reading “Have the courage to begin again”

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