Perfect partner

What come in your mind when you describe the word perfect partner what do you think about it what explanation can you give when someone asks you if you have perfect partner or the person you have as a partner is the perfect one you are looking for is there any different between any a relationship and perfect one do you leave the best way with your perfect partner.

For me in my own opinion I think a relationship is something that you are the only one who can make it perfect you have the right to make it feels good or bad because in relationship there are only two people who can decide what they want if you want peace in your relationship you can find it but if that is not what you are looking for then there is no way the person you have can be your perfect partner sometimes while choosing for a partner you need to let your mind work not your heart you need to ask yourself questions if this is what you want if this is the person you think that will make you happy for the rest of your life or is this just one of the people that are passing for you someone that you just plan on wasting the time with or is it the person that you are planning to be with for internity have you been asking yourself these questions why many relationship fails because we got in relationship be because of what people are because of the title they carry in them because of their name but have you ever ask yourself if that is exactly what you want.

I will advice before getting into a relationship you need to know what you want don’t go in relationship because you feel like you have to know what you are doing will be hurting the other partner if you are not careful I don’t see the reason why you can get into relationship because you just want to have fun that doesn’t work for me I would advise anyone out there that want to be in a relationship you need to be very careful and choose your partner well make that perfect partner you’ve been looking for by yourself thank you.

Body shame

How do you deal with body shame.

Be yourself no matter how you look stop trying to impress everybody by not being yourself

Body shame is one of the things that really hurts people in this life it can stop you from achieving what you want in life because you are afraid of what people will think or say about you how do you deal with it well people around you you’re talking about your body how you look how you are being a part of discussion wherever you are around people how do you manage to convince yourself that you are better and no matter how you look you can make.

Stop being afraid of who you are and embrace life the way you are.

Body shame is something that is something everyone everywhere people go through challenges because of how different you look because of that pollution can make you lose opportunity. How do you relate deal with this kind of stuff?

Good morning 🌞

Hello friends how was your night was is fabolous like mine wow let thank God for that. Many of us went to bed but never wake up thank god that we manage wake up and for that we have to praise the lord for his love and care.

Prayer is useful

Let’s pray.

Heavenly father thank you for your care all night and all day you are merciful god we thank you very much for everything you have done for us we ccome before you this morning to praise your name and give you glory cuz you're the father of the fatherless and mother of the motherless you're the husband to the widow you took care of us without asking anything in return the only thing we can give you is our sincere believe in you we want to ask you today to continue remembering us everyday of our lives in Jesus's name amen 🙏.

Taking a little time to thank god is not that hard just need to take a minutes and thank him for everything is done cuz I believe no one can take care of you freely like god everything in this world need money even your own sibling can ask you for money in exchange of taking care of you but God never asked for anything but free but praying and believing in him that could be a nice price for you to pay for everything he has done for you.

True love

Lately I've been watching too many love movies and series and I've been asking myself if I can truly find such kind of love tell me is it truth that you can find true love in this life you are living or this is all fiction and is only on movies or books novels is there a way to find that person that can give you peace of mind someone that you will decide to stay with for the rest of your life someone that you will never leave no matter what someone that you are going to stay with for better for worse someone that you will never regret meeting someone that you'll fight for until the end of your life have you find such love and if you have can you tell me how you did it because actually I'm trying to find that kind of love search kind of life peaceful that is worth fighting for something that even if you cry you know your tears will never go to waste because you cry for someone that worth it someone that I will go through hell for but I will never regret have you.

Are these such kind of love only exists in movies series that we have been watching or is there anything true about this kind of feelings have been trying to figure out about this for a long time so I give myself a chance to watch many love movies read novels but I’ve been trying to compare the novels love with this in real life but I can’t figure out out find it.

True love

In my personal opinion I really don’t believe in true love anymore tell me what you think or advise me how I can really believe in love.

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Why Write a Blog? Is a Blog a Waste of Time?
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