Wait with patience

We spend a lot of time in our lives waiting because change is s process.many people want to change, but they don’t want to go through the waiting process.But the truth is, waiting is a given_we are going to wait. The question is, are we going to wait the wrong or right way? If weContinue reading “Wait with patience”

From seed time to harvest

Eccelesiastes3:1 tell us: to everything there is a season and a time for every matter or purpose and heaven this let us know that we all don’t live in the same season as the same time you should never be jealous of someone who is enjoying harvest while you are still in the planting seasonContinue reading “From seed time to harvest”

Wait with patience

As we develop patience, the Bible says we finally feel completely satisfied_lacking nothing. Even our relationship with God involves progressive changes.my relationship with God is so much different now than it was in the early days of my Christian experience.it is not nearly as emotionally exciting… and yet it is better.every change I’ve gone throughContinue reading “Wait with patience”

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