Why Write a Blog? Is a Blog a Waste of Time?

What happened to storytelling, to having a narrative? One Blogger asked this question in a recent post about the direction of blogging. She’d come across a blogger recommending other bloggers attract more readers by offering their readers useful advice: …figure out what our unique niche is and paint ourselves as an authority, offering them somethingContinue reading “Why Write a Blog? Is a Blog a Waste of Time?”

I Want to Know…

I want to knowwhy people laugh and cry, why birds chirp and flyhow close or far they arewhat they think or dowhat they are up tounknowns aboundmuddle and astound… I want to knowhow plants and trees feelthe origin of first seedsthe source of colour pigmentsof their leaves and flowers… I want to knowwhat’s happeninginside my bodyhowContinue reading “I Want to Know…”

Breaking Shackles Of The Ocean Of Conditioned Society

Have you ever drowned in the ocean of society? Having tasted the emptiness of positions and perks, society roles and responsibilities? Hypocrisy breeds yet ironically aren’t we’re all immersed somewhere in this conditioned ideology? Aren’t we always in a hurry and are frantically running to fulfil the dreams fuelled by this toxic energy? Dreams manufacturedContinue reading “Breaking Shackles Of The Ocean Of Conditioned Society”

Marriage communication three common mistakes and how to fix them.

By Erika krull, MSEd, LMHP. good communication is the Foundation of a strong marriage. Many marriages could be saved if spouse improve the ways they communicate with each other. It’s often the simplest bad habit that gets couples into trouble.once our marriage gets on a rough track negativity gross full-stop problem escalate and both spousesContinue reading “Marriage communication three common mistakes and how to fix them.”

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