Being me


Being yourself is one of the most difficult part of life right now. because of too many judges around, those who are waiting for you to make a mistake so that they will found the reason to judge you, specially those who you think are your besties, best buddies can be your worst enemies, they can laugh with you drink with you make you think you are important for them but they are just waiting for the best chance to destroy you.

The reason why am saying this is because of what I witness here in Kenya,

Their is a female sociallyte that was humiliated in public,her best friend take a video of her while she was taking a shower and posted on twitter you can imagine what happened, only because she asked her for the money she had borrowed her some time ago, that was enough for her friend to go to that extent.

I’m still trying to imagine if that was me or anyone close to me. It was very humiliation especially for us women, I don’t understand why women are not happy for other women’s success, this really make me cry so much seeing a woman being humiliated like that, to make it worse she is a celebrity that means her pride and career are at risk.

What will you do if that happens to you?

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3 thoughts on “Being me

  1. First of all, very beautiful picture. Second, that is absolutely horrible. What I would do if that happened? Boy, time does heal and that is a hard one. Just try to remember for the most part people are the only actor on the stage in their life. Things get quickly forgotten in a society where there is a lot of egoism.

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