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social media was invented for people to have fun but nowadays it has become something that is really ruining people’s life. especially because of the comments and bad advisers. everything now in social media has just become so horrible to understand, people are being fake just to impress people out there,they are forgotten who they are they are living a life that is not theirs,just to make a good impression on social media. I have no problem with social media but why be fake? Why can’t you just be you and share what you love what you like appreciate yourself be proud of who you are just like everything about you, and stop the habit of impressing people living a fake life borrowing money clothes cars to impress some people that doesn’t even know you.

why waste your time on impressing people those people doesn’t even know you they don’t know how you leave they don’t know how you grow up they don’t know what you have to go through to reach where you are so why are you letting people that has just seen you on social media take advantage of you that much.

why live a fake life to impress people? why do things that are not good for you or for your family just to make people like you? and there are people who love you for who you are🤗you have a mother father and everyone out there that will always love you whether you are successful or not so why?why do things that are not good for you.

I would advise people to stop  living a fake life because it's it's not good for you use social media for your own benefits not benefits others stop going naked on public just to impress people also get views remember there are people who love you for who you are with followers or without followers they will always be there for you so you going out there naked showing yourself you are sharing yourself and your family they are going to be so disappointed in you because there is no mother that can raise her or his child to grow up to go on social media to show up their body just for money or anything else respect is something it doesn't pay but is worth more that you can think.

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