Good morning šŸŒž

Hello friends how was your night was is fabolous like mine wow let thank God for that. Many of us went to bed but never wake up thank god that we manage wake up and for that we have to praise the lord for his love and care.

Prayer is useful

Let’s pray.

Heavenly father thank you for your care all night and all day you are merciful god we thank you very much for everything you have done for us we ccome before you this morning to praise your name and give you glory cuz you're the father of the fatherless and mother of the motherless you're the husband to the widow you took care of us without asking anything in return the only thing we can give you is our sincere believe in you we want to ask you today to continue remembering us everyday of our lives in Jesus's name amen šŸ™.

Taking a little time to thank god is not that hard just need to take a minutes and thank him for everything is done cuz I believe no one can take care of you freely like god everything in this world need money even your own sibling can ask you for money in exchange of taking care of you but God never asked for anything but free but praying and believing in him that could be a nice price for you to pay for everything he has done for you.

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2 thoughts on “Good morning šŸŒž

  1. Be thankful for what God has done for you it’s doesn’t hurt to take a minute to pray and thank him, that the only thing he needs from you your sincerely believe in him, and only him.

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