6. Things that happy people never do

5. Spend prolonged period of time in negativity environment.

you can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy natural and enjoyable so protect your spirit and potential from contamination by limiting your time with the negative people and the environment they inhabit when other people invite you to act like victims when they whine and moan about unfairness of life for example and asked you to agree to offer condolences and to participate in their grievances walk away. When he join in that game of negativity you always lose. Even when you are alone create a positive mental space for yourself make it a point to give up all that all that make you feel bad or even just a few of them that have been troubling you and choose how doing that changes your life you don’t need negative thought. They are all lies they serve nothing all they have ever given you is a false self and suffer for no reason (read Buddha’s brain)

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One thought on “6. Things that happy people never do

  1. “Spend prolonged period of time in negativity environment.”

    Whether the people themselves are negative, or the experience of being in that place itself makes you negative, get away

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