My husband and my unhappy marriage

My husband was living and happy marriage the worst part was as his wife I was unaware until one late night.

"IAM unhappy and feel that you don't love me.".          IAM filing for a divorce."     I love you but I don't like you."

These are the types of phrases I heard from my husband over the past year and a half. These words are emotionally crippling. They are welled up a frantic feeling that caused me to make even more mistakes in our unhappy marriage. I never expected my husband to be unhappy with me and I decided I had to do everything I could to save my marriage.

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Steps to fixing unhappy marriage

John, my husband, had given up, but I was crying out to God to restore my marriage. I was desperate to change. I saw that I will fix the things he didn’t like about me. I tried really I did however trying to change a behaviour that has been embedded in your soul from a young age is impossible to change on your own.

looking for a change in your life……. Allow God to make your daily decisions.

I faced many hard times in my life but this was truly the hardest. Not only did I have myself to try and fix,I wonder if he will do anything to work on the marriage. That is what makes relationship so difficult. You can work as hard as you want bill it doesn’t mean anything will change for the better. that didn’t matter I needed to go down this path because I loved him I wasn’t a quitter and I wanted a better life for myself.

I decided that even if we didn’t stay married I would set myself up to have a healthy relationship no matter where my future to me these are the three things I did that gave me peace with my unhappy marriage and the possibility to try and save my marriage.

1. Continue showing love when it’s hard

The most difficult thing to do for someone is to give your love and allow yourself to be vulnerable when you know they want reciprocate my situation I was a step mum threw his three children but only two were young and have to leave at home anytime I was mad at my husband I found my heart Shannon Coulter was the kids that was difficult but I had to show them love even if I fail their father wasn’t showing me any so I swallowed my pride and continue to take care of my responsibilities around the house and then took it to a new level of cleaning up after every one else without complaining that was a big key to you may do the right thing but if your heart is in the wrong place it cancels out your good work.

Check out this novel is the best is going to help you keep your marriage even if you are unhappy
My my husband and my unhappy marriage novel.

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