Continue showing love. when it’s hard. My husband and my unhappy marriage 02

Keep your heart by by forgiving quickly!

When you continue to show love through your action and you suffer through not receiving any appreciation in return. It can help solve tell your spouse may also see a turnaround in their behaviour if you remain consistent in your changes. Also,I could look myself in the mirror and know deep down that I was making the best decisions and give everything I had to try and save the feels good when you are proud of yourself and following through even when it’s hard when you do the right, it’s true even when it’s hard! When you do the right thing , it is planting a seed in your marriage and God is in the business of growing seeds.

2. Allow God to change your heart.

an unhappy marriage will end or head down the path of divorce because couples say they can’t get a loan and believe that the problem is the other person and not them in many cases that could be more incorrect fast I am not talking about being in verbally abusive or physically abusive relationship I am simply talking about those couples that believe they are incompatible there isn’t a couple in the world that become comfortable with that working at it for years.the spouses that want to take the easy way out by getting a divorce or separating because they fight too much or don’t understand each other are runners.I am talking about those power said that can’t remain commitment and look for a way out just because they unhappy.does people put too much pressure on the other spouse to make them happy when they need to be happy with themselves first.

if you are in a situation where you fight all the time and you feel that you are spoiled me to change then you can only do one thing that can work stop trying to change them and pray that if God face they need to be changed in that area that he changes them then be brave enough to ask God to open your eyes and change your heart in the areas you need to so your relationship can be restored does take two people to improve a marriage you can’t as possible or worry about what your spouse is doing or not doing so be responsible for your part of the relationship.

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