Have the courage to Begin again

many people make the mistake of repeating the loser story within their mind they sell themselves short by repeating to themselves that they are their past mistakes failures disappointment and grades and to top it off they are easily swayed by the opinions of others who tell them what they can or can’t accomplish and they accept those people’s definition of them major key move away and eliminate negative life restricting people from your life negativity is contagious believe me I know I have experience that you have to start telling yourself a new story within your mind one where are the champion the hero the winner one in which you are living a life of obedience in all areas of your life keep on visualising the dream life that you want to live and keep on repeating to yourself I am living my dreams exterminate the old Town thoughts that hold you back to the life that you don’t want to leave use your thoughts to elevate your life to a greater level don’t confine.

always have action at the forefront of your mind action is the key that turns your dreams into reality daily action on the right task will take you wherever you are determined to go action is what makes all the difference between who you want to be and who you become your daily action determine the life that you live.

I hope you live a life you are proud of if you find that you are not I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

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