So, You Want a Faster Labor? BBL: 162

Kristen Burgess: This is the Birth Baby and Life podcast with Kristen Burgess, and we’re talking about how to have a faster labor and delivery in episode number 162. Narrator: Welcome to the Birth Baby and Life podcast. The tips, tools and straight talk. You want the pregnancy, childbirth and bringing up baby. And nowContinue reading “So, You Want a Faster Labor? BBL: 162”

Studying Afrikaans Changes My/Our Definition of Dutch

Written by Dyami Millarson Afrikaans does not exist in a linguistic vacuum, but it exists within a linguistic context. Namely, Afrikaans, which is mutually intelligible with Dutch to a high extent, is a Dutch-related independent language. One might as well say that Afrikaans is an independent Dutch language, implying that Dutch is not a singleContinue reading “Studying Afrikaans Changes My/Our Definition of Dutch”

Happy Birthday, Band-Aid 🩹

The BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandage is one hundred years old. It was invented  in 1921 by an unknown Johnson & Johnson employee, Earle Dickson, whose wife was accident-prone, or at least unfamiliar with her new kitchen. Up to then it was not infrequent to die of infection from wounds and cuts even within the wallsContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Band-Aid 🩹”

Six Word Story #111

Our love, soon destroyed by veracity. As promised I will still be posting six word stories once or twice weekly- usually when I’m feeling a bit lazy to write a longer post haha 😂 Today’s Word: Veracity 1: conformity with truth or fact  2: devotion to the truth :  3: power of conveying or perceiving truth 4: something truemakes liesContinue reading “Six Word Story #111”

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