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After the guy came to me and introduce himself,I was happy because he was a relative of our friend which we came with,so he offers to take me home I had no choice but to say yes to him, because my sister disappeared,so we left the party and soon our friend follows,we walk very slow because I didn’t want to wake people up back at home,so I wanted to arrive while they were awake mmm you are wondering if didn’t go to sleep that night , yes I didn’t and I wasn’t planning to,I gotten use to stay awake since I was a kid so that wasn’t my problem.on our way to my house the guy started seducing me,at that point I never had a boyfriend before,so the guy was cute although I didn’t say yes to him that day 🀩 but I was thinking of doing so. After arriving near my place I asked him to leave me because I was already near my house,do he asked me to hug him which I did because I wouldn’t want my family to wake up and find me with a guy so, the hug was a bribe for him to leave me alone and go because he never wanted to leave, but finally I convinced him to go.

After he left I went home my little siblings were a wake, so I just go inside and take a shower and relax for a little while,I helped with the house chores and o decided to rest for a while but all that time my mind was on that guy I keep remembering his words all the time, after the afternoon was over my sister came back from the party πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ what can I say,we went to the party of course.i was angry with her because she put my life in danger by leaving in a place where I know nobody, but we start talking anyway we were sisters, she asks me what happens and I told her she asked me if I got the number but I told her know.but suddenly I remember the read me his number I had no phone at that moment I just cramed the number even if I wasn’t sure but I think I got it,so at night I asked my mom for her phone and she gives me,I tried calling the number that I memorize I flashed and he called back he was actually waiting for my call.he called and I picked up he did know that it was mehttps://www.facebook.com/evarline.okello.5

Before going for something or someone be sure you really need that thing or person

Be sure

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