# my life

The fights between my parents make it too hard for me to concentrate with anything in my life, so I dropped out of school in class seven that was in 2013 ,I sate at home for a while ,and then i decided to find something to do I was thirteen years old, after some weeks my neighbor’s daughter came back from Nairobi where she stayed, so she wanted someone who can help her with her daughter back in Nairobi,so I decided to go with her and work as a house maid for her, back then the was not that much for domestic workers but it was better than staying at home with my parents,

So the day come and I was so happy to go with her it was my first day to
Travel that far so I was so excited I wake very early in the morning I was very prepared to go with her and then the day was their.it was five in the morning I was ready, so I said bye to everyone and go with her it was very long distance ride,we take almost nine hours in the road, and we finally arrived in Nairobi, actually it was the nicest place I have been before.we take another car to the estate where she stayed with her husband and her daughter and another girl that they were paying for school fees…………..

My life their next follow up.

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