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After my sister left now it was me here with my parents.

By the way I was talking about me and how my life has been, since I was a little a girl I was very happy with going to school, because I wanted to be someone in the future,in fact I didn’t wait for my parents to take me to school I went their my self I just wore my big sister’s uniform and go to school the dint even ask me to go back home she invited me in and give me a chair in fact I didn’t even start from baby class I was taken to nursery direct, it was very fun I was performing very well until the gost from my family started hunting me, that was in class four when things start happening that I never understand my education starts having problems it’s reach to the point that I never wanted to go to school. Because I was afraid of something that I never even know, sometimes I even run away from home just to a void going to school.

Now this is what happened, in grade four I started seeing things that never existed, it reaches a point that I couldn’t even look at the book straight every time I look at the book my eyes stay swollen just for nothing,in exam I couldn’t even see what was written in the paper,I know you may be thinking that I have eye problems, actually no I never have eye problems I was 💯fine my problems was just something like spiritual, I started dropping on my exam, from number 1,2,3, to number 10,15,30, you can imagine how bad it was 😭😭😭 people started making fun of me in school I got frustrated and tired of life and everything around me my grandmother try to take me to her village to go and study their but I couldn’t do it anymore.

You are now wondering what was my problem follow up for more information…………….. will be back

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