M journey

Hi 👋,my name is Ashley 23years old, and a mother of one girl.i would like to share something about my self, in my family I am a third born in a family of nine I have two sisters who are the oldest but seems to be the little ones 🤔 yes am right my big sister drop out of school in class two you can just imagine how that sounds , after dropping out of school she ran away from home,and then the second one when she was in class seven she continuesly repeat the same class so my parents decided that she has to drop out of school two at that time I was in class five, one day my aunt come back from where she was and decided to take my sister with her of course my parents did not say no because she wasn’t doing anything at home anyway she promised to take her to college to learn something about sewing my parents let her go the truth to be told that was all lies she just turn her maid…………

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